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Award-winning composer Amir Hedayah. Best known for his work in "Ala Gothety", "Made in Egypt", "Dufaat Beirut", "Apocalypse", and other films and TV shows.

Amir studied music theory, guitar, and piano at the "Conservatoire de Musique D'Alexandrie" (Alexandria, Egypt) yet, his informal music education began earlier as a member of a musicians' family. At the age of 16, in order to expand his network and collaborate on a wider range of projects, he moved from Alexandria to Cairo and began attending in Helwan University's Faculty of Music Education.

With a theoretical foundation in music composition, he went on to score for motion pictures and television. In 2010, Hedayah won the best music special award for scoring "El Watar" feature film, and in 2015 he was selected as a top 10 winner at the Oticons International Film Music Competition.

In 2016 he began his international collaboration with ex-Pixar and co-founder of Animation Mentor and Artella "Bobby Beck" through multiple animated projects on the platform "Artella", including scoring the opening film of 2016's CTN animation eXpo "Duel".

Hedayah became a Recording Academy (GRAMMYs) Member in 2016, and in 2017 he scored and designed the sound of the world's 1st virtual reality animated short film "Lily & Snout".

In 2018 he won the Best Soundtrack Award at Spain's International Spiritual Film Festival for his music in the short film Apocalypse, and in 2019 he won the second Grand Prize at the Oticons international film scoring competition.

In 2020 he received two nominations at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards, winning one of them as Outstanding Main Title for a TV Show in a foreign language Award for his work in the Lebanese TV Show "Dofaat Beirut".


As a recording academy member, Amir created a proposal along with other members in the recording academy, for including a new award category in the Grammys, which got accepted in 2021 as the Grammy Award for Best Global Music Performance that was first presented at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards, 2022.

In 2021 he was selected by "Marché du Film - Festival de Cannes" for the "Spot the Composer" program, and in 2021 he was announced a gold medal winner in the global music awards, following another global music awards silver medal in 2022.

In 2023, Hedayah composed the music for Disney’s Kizazi Moto (Generation Fire).

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